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13 days of detox: the Yin toxin fast

Several years ago, my acupuncturist gave me this Yin toxin fast because I couldn’t seem to shake the feeling of being sluggish. Those who knew me when I did it still talk about it; in 13 days I went from a chubby slug to super-energetic and dropped about 12 pounds (which stayed off for a long, long time). Since my surgery in May, I haven’t been able to shake the feeling of being sluggish, just not being able to find my energy. So I’m doing this again starting today.

I’m not a doctor. I’m not recommending this for everyone. I’m just sharing something that has worked for me in the past. And I’ll let you know if it works again. It’s a thirteen-day taper fast, in which you move slowly to detoxification from a “normal” diet and then back again. By “normal” diet, they mean a 100% unprocessed, vegan diet, not the “normal” diet that most of us eat.

Throughout the 13 days, there is no caffeine (OUCH, this is the hardest part by far), no sugar, nothing processed (no sour patch kids hahaha), no dairy (no YoMama goodness…boo), no alcohol (not that big a deal, except for my friend’s awesome birthday party), nothing refined or processed at all.

Day 1: beans, spices, fruits, grains, cooked vegetables, soups
Day 2: a little less of everything from day one
Day 3: very few spices, no beans
Day 4: less vegetables, more grains, no fruit
Day 5: few vegetables, mainly mixed grains
Days 6-8: one cup of organic brown rice 3 times a day
Day 9: few vegetables, mainly mixed grains
Day 10: more vegetables, grains
Day 11: very few spices, some fruit, no beans
Day 12: beans, fruits, grains, soups
Day 13: beans, spices, fruits, grains, vegetables, soups

If you try this, during days 6-8, you’ll pretty much be resting…no child care, no heavy exercise, no work, nothing. You’re letting your entire body including your digestive system rest, and it will thank you for it. This will mean it’s going to be difficult to impossible for me to attend 3 on 3 for Niebs this weekend which really bums me out, but I have to do something to feel better. Hopefully some of you will go for me. : ]

See you on the other side. Anything like this ever worked for you?

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