Where have you been? The big life cleanse

Hello, friends. I’ve been quiet here on Spaight Talk for some time, for personal reasons, and a few of you have been asking why. Since I’m up at 4AM today (damn coffee yesterday! blargh! I need detox again!) I thought I check in with you and share what’s been up.

After the big Yin Toxin Fast and the Clean Program, having dropped 14 pounds in short order, we went on vacation, a beautiful week of family time on Green Lake. I was totally cleansed and refreshed, in so many ways. Ahhhhhhhhh.

But when we got home, I took a good look around and, newly energized, realized how many other things in my life were…out of control, frankly. About three minutes after we walked in the door, I cleaned the refrigerator. And the cupboards. And the closet. And it spiraled from there. The month of September was completely dedicated to getting our house in order, literally. We cleaned and de-cluttered EVERYTHING. (OK, we’re still working on the basement. That’s kind of a lifelong project, evidently. And from the looks of my desk as I write this, it could still use some help…)

We also found a FANTASTIC, no B.S. new financial planner, who I’ll be happy to hook you up with if you need help. (Many thanks to Erica Conway for hooking US up.) She helped us take a hard look at our finances, re-budget to a more realistic level (read: what we can actually afford), refinance our house, update our life insurance, re-think our investments, the whole sticky ball of wax. We’re in a good place now, with a fresh start, and some space in the mental cache has been cleared for things like writing more.

I’m writing more on the Jigsaw blog these days. But, I’ll also be posting here from time to time, especially after a redesign that’s in the works is finished.

So, Happy Fall. What’s up with you? What in your life could use a fresh look or a little de-cluttering?

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