About Sue Spaight

I’m a 20-year brand strategist and social marketing lover with experience with brands like American Airlines, Harley-Davidson, Gateway computers, and many more. As Director of Strategy for Jigsaw in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I love to help clients find the heart of the brand, and use digital and social media strategically. This is my personal blog, and the opinions here in absolutely no way represent the opinions of the team at Jigsaw.

The blog is called “Spaight Talk” not because I am an egomaniac, but in hopes of evoking “Straight Talk”. I’ve developed a reputation for “poking people in the eye and making them think” and “calling B.S. on people and making them think harder.” Other peoples’ words, not mine.

I don’t blog by the rules per se. Meaning, if you expect a blog to publish every day, or three times a week like clockwork, I’m not your girl. I applaud people who can do that, but, I have other priorities, too. My family, my work, my fitness, photography, etc. As IRL, I write when I have something I think is reasonably significant to say, not when I *should* write.

The goal of this site is to facilitate a conversation among people who are interested in social marketing from the strategic side of things. Tools and shiny objects are fun, but I’m more interested in what you are planning to accomplish with them, and how. On the more personal side of things, I love being Mom to a brilliant little boy, and I’m a yoga junkie who likes to bike and kayak and generally live life with passion, so I write about that sometimes too, as well as about leadership.

Welcome, and I looking forward to getting to know you better here.

Photo: Troy Freund, Midwest Photo