Milwaukee flood fundraiser for @TeecycleTim and @TeecycleJess: Raise your hand

Have you seen the @TeecycleTim post on the not-so-great Milwaukee flood of 2010? If not, please do. Their home is unlivable, and Katie @bootyp and I are organizing a fundraiser.

Milwaukee is an amazing community, and so is Twitter. Folks have started raising their hand and offering help. Will you help us raise some money to rebuild 12-week-old baby Clara’s room and the rest of the house? The unsinkable @bootyp said it best: Tim and Jess bring smiles to so many faces, it’s our turn to bring smiles for them to wear.

The date and place of the event will be announced very soon. If you want to help, and/or if you have a specific idea for what you might be able to offer, let us know. We’re close on a place, but still open to suggestions; needs to be able to provide room for a silent auction and a band and some other stuff. We’re close on a band, but in case the date doesn’t work for them, are open to suggestions. We need more silent auction items for sure; if you know celebrities who will autograph stuff for auction, that’s cool. We’re working on getting a flooring company and a window company involved to provide discounted floors and windows for the rebuild; if you have connections there, by all means, let us know.

If you want to help right now, please buy a Teecycle t-shirt and stay tuned for more information about the event.

You can make a difference. After all, as they say, it takes a village. Raise your hand, here or on Twitter.

  • Joe Sorge

    Sue, Katie,
    As we talked yesterday, Angie and I are in! Anything that might be needed. Space for event, auction items, just let us know.

    • Sue Spaight

      Thanks, Joe. You are always there for people; we will be in touch about space and auction items for sure.

  • Troy Freund

    Count me in! Talk to you soon!

    • Sue Spaight

      Troy, thank you. As we talked, we will count on you!

  • Marjie (triveragirl)

    It’s amazing how people have reached out to Tim, Jess and their family in such a quick time period. A simple blog post to account their story and the twitter community jumps at the opportunity to help.
    So touching to see restaurants, hotels, and people on twitter who have never even met Tim or Jess, be moved to help in any way they can.
    Posting about this on our own Facebook pages, websites, blogs and even sharing with neighbors. What a great example of how the twitter community works!
    Way to go!

    • Sue Spaight

      Marjie you are so right. It has been amazing and touching to see, and we are all just getting started! There is real power in community. Let’s use our collective powers for good.

  • Katie Felten

    Katie and Sue,
    I am totally in to help in any way that I can
    Let’s talk

    • Sue Spaight

      Thank you Katie. We’ll definitely find a time to talk…start marinating on ideas.

  • Rory

    Totally in!! If you need help w anything, give a holler! @RoryEnvers

    • Sue Spaight

      Great, Rory. Thank you. Tell us more about what you do…and we will keep you informed.

  • Susi Schuele

    So sorry. We had a flooded basement but did not lose much of value except the carpeting and baseboard. What it did force us to do was take inventory of many things. We have some good stuff that was NOT damaged or hit by water that we would love to donate if there is a need for it. Also made us take notice of how lucky we were and how unlucky others were. Please let us know if we can help.

    • Sue Spaight

      Susi, Thanks. Sorry to hear about your flooding problems, too, glad it wasn’t too devastating. There is definitely a need for T-shirt donations for Teecycle if you have quality T-shirts. If there are other specific things you are thinking of donating let us know. Take care. -Sue

  • Mike Massie

    The Massie’s will be there in support, with some shirts to donate!

    - Mike & Danijela Massie

    • Sue Spaight

      Thanks, Mike and Kristin. Stay tuned : )

  • Kristin Godfrey

    I am in to help however I can…


  • Garrett

    I’m definitely in. Perhaps auction off a few personal training sessions at Invivo/Milwaukee Athletic Club. That’s gotta bring in at least $5.

    • Sue Spaight

      Garrett – that is an AWESOME donation. Thank you!!! We will send you an E-mail. -Sue

  • @jeffmke

    For those runners and cyclists out there I’d love to see a ride and/or run out there to benefit them. Didn’t realize it could require lots of time, permits, and logistics to make it happen. But, if a group anywhere can make something happen, it’s this Twitter community.

    • Sue Spaight

      Jeff, that is an excellent idea. Let’s think about if/how we can incorporate a run, walk or ride. Very Teecycle.

  • Steve Hawthorne

    I’d like to donate a Stone Creek Coffee gift box for the silent auction. Let me know when/how to get it to you!

    • Sue Spaight

      Thank you, Steve!!! We will send you an E-mail about your donation.

  • Kristin / @tinmakeup

    Hi Sue, I think I already mentioned this to Katie, but I’d love to donate a facial to the silent auction! Also, if there’s anything else I can do to help please let me know.

    • Sue Spaight

      Kristin, yes, Katie told us, and thank you! The facial is awesome. We will let you know what else is needed as far as support.

  • Joe Dorn

    I’d love to help. Tim and I are friends from our hometown, Beaver Dam. Golden Beavers have to stick together!

  • Mare

    Sue – I’m in. Can donate and personalize some kid items. Also have another idea. Told Tim yesterday. We’ll talk.


  • Jon Kurozawa

    Not sure how much I can help at this point, but I will do what I can.
    Step 1 of our family Paying it Forward after the Twitter help we received.
    Please let me know what I can do.

    • Sue Spaight

      Jon, thank you I don’t know the details of your story but have seen enough about it to know that you’ve been through a tough time as well. I hope things are going OK for you now. Stay tuned for developments.

  • Anne Sprecher

    Hi Sue,

    Tim, Jess and Clara have been great friends. You can certainly have the event at Sprecher Brewery. We have lots of space for food, music, auction items, people and of course, beer.



    • Sue Spaight

      Anne, that is very generous of you : ) We might take you up on that offer. Thinking based on overwhelming, awesome response that we might need a bigger space that we were looking into. Let me talk to Katie, Tim and Jess, and we will let you know!!! Thank you. Sue

  • Gidal Kaiser


    What kind of items for donation are you looking for? I work at a newspaper in Bozeman, MT, and there might be a possibility of digging up a basketball signed by the women’s basketball team I cover – if that’s something you think would help.

    • Sue Spaight

      Gidal, Wow that is very kind of you all the way from Bozeman. Not positive that Milwaukee folks would bid on a basketball signed by your team, though we surely appreciate the offer. Hope you will follow as details develop, maybe make a small cash donation (will be a site up soon) or better yet, buy a cool T-shirt from You could also collect cool, vintage T-shirts from people in your area and send them over if you were so inclined. That would be awesome. -Sue

  • Raymond (@Spiffster)

    Sue, Katie:

    Great to hear that you are doing this for such a great family. While I am no longer in Milwaukee I will do EVERYTHING I can to be at the fundraiser to help out. Also I still like the idea of a bikini car wash… was that too Mosey like?

    • Sue Spaight

      Raymond. Um…NO. There will be no bikini car wash. This is a high-class affair. : )

  • Steve Gardner

    Sue: Please be sure to let me know the date items are needed. I will get a free foursome at Hawks View in Lake Geneva for the auction.


    • Sue Spaight

      Steve – that is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much. Once we have dates nailed down we will send you an email. Sue

  • Cindi

    Let me know how I can help!

    • Sue Spaight

      Thank you Cindi and Sara – much appreciated – stay tuned – there will be a site for cash donations, t-shirts, auction item donations soon. Keep helping spread the word, especially once the event details are announced, hopefully by early next week. As needs for event support arise we will be in touch with you awesome ladies :) -Sue

  • Sara

    Count the Santiago family in! That’s what family is for. xo

  • Becky Gundrum

    Michael, the girls and I are all in. Let me know what we can do!!

    • Sue Spaight

      Thank you, thank you Becky and Karen! We will be in touch. Karen, we may e-mail you about food or an auction item. There will be a simple cash donation site live very soon.

  • Karen Gill

    Am happy to help in some way. Food or auction item or cash donation. Email me. Thanks!

  • Hillary

    I owe Tim big time. Plus, I don’t know a nicer couple than Jess and Tim! Please add me to the fundraiser list.

    Thanks for doing this for them!!

    • Sue Spaight

      Thank you Hillary. Honestly, it is such a pleasure to be able to help do this, and experience how everyone is rallying around them. You are on the list and we will keep you posted on what is needed. -Sue

  • Erin Ulicki

    Hi Sue,

    I will shake my Milwaukee contact tree to see what auction items I might be able to dig up. Send me an email once the date is confirmed. Do you have a general time frame as to when the event will take place?

    • Sue Spaight

      THANK YOU, Erin. We will send you confirmation of the date – TBD early next week – probably end of August. -Sue

  • Kati Berg

    Definitely keep me posted on the details. I will put together a basket for the silent auction. And can probably get some other folks from the College of Communication at Marquette to contribute too. Let me know so I can round up some other items. Thanks! And sending lots of prayers to Tim, Jess and Baby Clara.

    • Sue Spaight

      Thank you Kati : ) We are super excited to have Marquette showing such amazing support for Tim, Jess and Clara : ) We will be in touch by email.

  • Patti Genko

    Tim and Jess so sorry to hear about your loss. I am spreading the word, count me in. Hang in there

  • becky dubin jenkins

    i’m tim’s colleague and am in — and trying to rack my brain about what i can contribute. :)

    • Sue Spaight

      Thank you Becky – every contribution counts no matter how small or large. If you aren’t sure, buy a Teecycle T-shirt or goes to http://www.tee where Tim has a donate button now. Or watch for the website that will launch soon.

  • Kate DeDobbelaere

    We’re living in Germany, so could donate something for the auction that is “European”. Any suggestions for what would be popular in Wisconsin? Some ideas include beer steins, handmade wooden Christmas ornaments, Polish pottery (very big here, and apparently quite expensive if you buy it in the U.S.), murano glass jewelry from Italy.

    • Sue Spaight

      Wow Kate any of those sound amazing. Follow your heart :) and thank you from the bottom of ours.

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  • Karen Gill

    Kyle Smith from Heaven & Earth Acupuncture would like to donate. Contact him at

    • Sue Spaight

      Karen, thank you. We will get in touch with Kyle : )

  • Jeanette Pham

    Sue – Do you have a date in mind? TweetUp Girls would like to donate a pair of tickets to for the PGA Tour(Grounds pass for August 11). Please contact me about it – We could do a separate bidding on Twitter if doing it at the event won’t work out due to dates…

    • Sue Spaight

      Thanks Jeanette – love the idea – sending you an email. -Sue

  • Kate DeDobbelaere

    I have a donation now – a handpainted German nutcracker. Just let me know what address to send it to. Contact me at